​A Beginner’s Journey into Wine

Posted by Andy on 8th Oct 2015

Hi everyone,

My name is Andy, recently employed at Beyond The Label as Manager of the Miranda store. This blog post is about my early trip into the fantastic world of wines. My background is in hospitality so I had a basic knowledge of wine and wine making already, however since starting here I have been opened up to a new world of history, climatic influences and the detail required in the wine-making process.

On my first day I was introduced to a sales rep who was pitching a variety of new wines for Paul and me to taste. (Who doesn’t love a drink on their first day in a new job?!) As he explained the products - their flavours, their history, their story - I must have had a glazed expression on my face as I just nodded along with these romantic and lyrically beautiful descriptions. The question in my mind was 'Will I ever be able to pick these flavours, aromas and textures without guidance?’ However I reassured myself it is a learning process like any other and if I have proved anything to myself over the last few years is that if exposed to something new I can learn quickly.

After a busy first day, it was followed up by a tasting event at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art. Talk about epic! Imagine drinking wine whilst picking over cheese boards and charcuterie platters with a 6th floor view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I imagine it was acutely designed to encourage us to get lost in the atmosphere and lose focus on wise business decisions. But who cares about wise decisions when there is good wine right? In this business, good wine is good business!

Since then my education has gone quickly. It has now been two weeks and I am comfortable talking a language that always seemed to me - falsely - to have a snobby edge to it. I am quickly finding you must lose the fixation on that, immerse yourself in the beauty and complexity that wine can offer and it will reward you with a whole new dimension to drinking and dining. Whether it be redwhiterosésparklingsticky or organic wines, there is an unforgettable experience to be had. I am realising that Beyond The Label can offer that experience and more.

I hope to see you in the shop soon.