Things are moving on

Posted by Andy on 28th Oct 2015

So I am a month into the job now, and (in case anyone was interested) I thought I would write a quick blog post to talk about a couple of things about my development and how the shop is going.

I write this with a slightly weary head after we sampled lots of new and exciting wines last night, so forgive me if I ramble. It is a terrible chore sometimes this job. A night of free wine and cheese and I still moan, I think my mother would be disappointed. There are some fantastic new lines coming into the store, though, so please keep an eye out for updates, especially in the Pinot Gris/GrigioPinot Noir and organic ranges. It makes it all worth it in the end.

So how am I getting on with my learning I hear you all ask! (Or I hope you are). Obviously Paul would be the man to ask but in my opinion things are going well. I can tell you the Barossa is superb for ShirazTasmania is leading the way in Pinot Noir and that arguably the best Semillon in the world comes from the Hunter Valley. There are a few more things I have learnt so far but you’ll have to visit me in the shop and have a chat to reap the benefits of my knowledge! I have a course beginning in December so after that I would really like people to come in so I can flex my newly developed wine muscles (my partner is starting to roll her eyes already when I start talking about it!).

Where I learn most things however is the events we hold here in store. Lolo hosted a French Masterclass a couple of weeks ago and did a superb job. I learnt a lot (even though I was working) and the guests who joined us had a lot of fun too. The organic night coming up (Fri 30th Oct) should prove to be just as educational and enjoyable so I hope to see some of our regulars coming to join us!