Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic wine is any wine that has been produced using biodynamic farming methods.

Biodynamics is a spiritual, ethical and ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition. Biodynamics was first developed in the early 1920s based on the spiritual insights and practical suggestions of the Austrian writer, educator and social activist Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925). As with organic farming, no synthetic chemicals are used in biodynamic farming. You can think of biodynamic farming as organic farming but taken to the next level.

Biodynamic farmers strive to create a diversified, balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself. Biodynamic preparations made from fermented manure, minerals and herbs are used to help restore and harmonize the vital life forces of the farm and to enhance the nutrition, quality and flavour of the food being raised. Biodynamic practitioners also recognize and strive to work in cooperation with the subtle influences of the wider cosmos on soil, plant and animal health. Some, but not all, biodynamic farms use astrological calendars and other cosmic indicators to determine the timing of farm activities such as planting and harvesting.

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