Mead is made by fermenting honey. Archaeological evidence suggests it is the oldest fermented drink known to mankind – the first meads may have been enjoyed around 9,000 years ago in Northern China. Throughout human history, and in many different cultures across Europe, Africa and Asia, wines made from fermented honey have been hailed for their flavour and their effect on the human experience.

In Ancient Greek mythology, it is believed that mead was 'ambrosia'; along with nectar this was the sustenance of the gods, conferring immortality when consumed, and beautifying when applied to the body. In more recent times, the Vikings believed honey wine to be an aphrodisiac and a potion for male virility. In their culture, a newlywed couple drank honey wine for one calendar month after their wedding to promote the conception of a child early in the marriage. This period was referred to as the ‘honey-month’, that has now evolved into the tradition of the honeymoon.