Temple Bruer 'TB621' Organic Mataro Shiraz Grenache

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Mataro, Shiraz, Grenache
Loxton, Eden Valley & Langhorne Creek
Roasted organic free-range chicken
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Organic, Preservative-Free, Vegan-Friendly

Colour: Medium red with purple hue.
Aroma: Spice, Cherry, white pepper and dried herbs.
Flavour: Bright fruit, fullness across the palate towards a medium length finish.

The 2014 vintage was moderate in climate with consistent and warm ripening days. Slow and extended ripening of the in Loxton and Eden Valley vineyards led to exceptional fruit flavour in these parcels. Langhorne Creek was also consistent with seasonal conditions for the best Grenache from previous vintage experience. 

Each parcel was made separately to showcase the fruit individually from each region before blending the final wine. Hand-picked Mataro was crushed and underwent a cool to moderate fermentation temperature with short pump-overs four times per day. Shiraz was harvested in two parcels, some hand-picked, and underwent a cool fermentation with hand pump-overs twice per day, pressing after the completion of fermentation. Grenache was machine harvested, crushed and underwent a cool to moderate fermentation with two pump-overs per day, early pressing before the completion of fermentation.